Our Focus Areas

The many projects led by the Sandspit Community Society are organized around 8 areas of focus, that contribute to our broader vision of building a vibrant, sustainable and resilient community. The projects and businesses we take on as well as the services we provide, all focus on a number of these areas. We strive to make Sandspit a better place to live and visit!

Economic Development

We support initiatives that work to develop a vibrant and sustainable local economy.

Social Well-Being

We work to improve the standard of living and social welfare of those residing within the community.


We support tourism development in Sandspit through visitor services and destination marketing.


We strengthen, where appropriate, reciprocal relationships & co-operation with other communities and organizations.

Cultural Health

We work to improve the cultural health of the community.


We enhance and instill environmentally sustainable values.

Emergency Preparedness

We strengthen emergency preparedness and response capacity on North Moresby Island.


We enhance the recreational opportunities in and around the community.